Smart Manufacturing Line

Demo Station 1

Machine vision, AI and robotics are revolutionizing manufacturing processes to improve the efficiency, output quality and uptime of modern production lines. These mission-critical services require real-time computing at the edge and the industrial-grade connectivity of private 5G.

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Visual Inspection
(Machine Vision)

Using high-definition cameras with built-in AI, manufacturers can detect even minor product defects coming off the line and trigger actions to fix problems that could lead to quality issues.

Inventory Tracking

Today’s supply chain demands an accurate view of raw materials and finished goods throughout the production process. The latest RFID tools capture valuable data as inventory moves through and beyond the factory, which can enhance quality, traceability, and reporting accuracy.

Remote Collaboration and Support

Assisted Reality can be a powerful way to provide training and support for equipment operators. Exciting new use cases include connecting remote experts with field technicians to diagnose and fix equipment issues in real time.