Manufacturing Operations

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Dive deep into the architecture and data archetypes that enable data transparency in production improvements. Advanced analytics uncover data patterns and correlations that enable businesses to improve yield, optimize equipment calibration, fine-tune asset performance, and increase KPI planning accuracy. Learn how you can browse your factory from the enterprise to the factory-level to the individual line, machine and even sensor-level. See AI-enabled workflows using pre-configured models for common factory use cases.

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Predictive Maintenance with AI

AI can transform maintenance workflows and minimize downtime. See how you can predict potential problems before they become severe, get real-time assistance to speed the repair journey, and seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace to reduce busywork and foster communication.

Remote Field Equipment Management

Monitor assets across multiple regions with an asset management portal powered by Google Cloud’s Manufacturing Data Engine and Looker. The portal provides real time monitoring and alerting capabilities in case of anomalies and operating violations.

Data Analytics and Insights

Manufacturers can use real-time data to reduce downtime and waste, deliver consistent product quality, and continuously improve performance. In factories with many heterogeneous devices, Manufacturing Connect Edge acts as a gateway to connect to virtually any machine protocol natively. Manufacturing Data Engine provides a series of configurable pipelines that customers can use to define transformation and storage options for different classes of data.