360° Factory View

Demo Station 2

Data collection and analysis provide foundational support for production operations. Data-driven insights help manufacturers meet production deadlines by preventing equipment failure and losses, manage supply chain risk by leveraging shipments and supplier capacity in real time, and streamline frontline jobs by making all data easily accessible. The mini factory generates synthetic data and exposes it to the cloud where it is visualized and analyzed via industry-specific solutions – Manufacturing Data Engine, Visual Inspection AI, Looker and more.

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Data Analytics and Insights

Add edge to cloud data visibility across manufacturing operations and empower your manufacturing engineers to optimize production at scale using accessible data analytics and visualization tools.

Quality Control

Monitor in-line quality control by aggregating sensor and visual data. We show you how you can simulate parameter changes, combining inspection visual data with in-line sensor data, and leverage imaging data to detect and flag quality issues.

Predictive Maintenance

Tap into live and historic data and empower your own engineers to develop their own pipelines with our pre-built components. You have global visibility and can shift from facility-by-facility maintenance strategies to a global view on machine health.